2020 Bookings Update...

Hey All,

We just thought we would touch base with you and let you know that we are still working through all departures week by week and getting in touch with all of our passengers as quickly as possible.

We have cancelled all tours up until 31 May 2020 at this stage. Our cancellation time-line is working in accordance with our airline partners who are only offering free reschedules for flights ticketed until 31 May at this stage.

Hundreds of you are booked to travel beyond May so please read on for some answers on your most frequently asked questions:

What if my tour is booked for travel after May?

If you have a booking with us from 1 June 2020 onwards with flights included and want to reschedule for a later date - this is absolutely fine, but we cannot do anything at the moment. We need to wait for the airlines to allow the changes first and work in-line with their policies. Most of them are offering a free reschedule with their amended policies, but at the moment it is only for affected flights booked before 31 May. You can register your interest to postpone with us via email to

If you have a booking from 1 June onwards which is land-only, you can reschedule at any time for any date we have available on the website within the next 12 months. If you select a new date with a surcharge, you must pay the additional.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

Usually MyHoliday2 operate on a heavily discounted, non-refundable tour model, with the exception of a cooling-off period. However, this is obviously an unprecedented situation out of everyones control and we understand many of you may be in the need of a cash injection right now for whatever reason. Therefore we are offering the chance of a refund now, regardless of when your tour is booked for.

We are offering all of our customers the opportunity to cancel and receive a refund for any tour you have booked for any date (Flights are non-refundable per airline policy). The amount to be refunded depends on what tour you are booked on. Please email us on to find out what you are entitled to.

Why can't I have 100% refund?

As a heavily discounted online travel agency, we work really hard negotiating amazing low cost travel deals with local operators all over the world. In order to secure the low prices and pass them on to our customers, our agreement is to pay a small amount upfront as a non-refundable deposit. So unfortunately we are not able to refund the whole lot as a small portion is already spent and distributed to local overseas suppliers.

When we will be able to travel again?

Who knows! We would love to give you the answer to that. We are getting itchy feet and gagging to jump back on a plane, head to a tropical island and get out of our isolation! However, no-one knows the answer just yet. According to the news, "The Curve" is flattening, the infection rate is slowing, and thousands of people are recovering. This is music to our ears and we hope travel will resume in the next few months. Many of you have postponed your tour for September 2020 onwards and we feel confident that travel from this month should be fine.

Will you go broke?

Many of you are asking this blunt question, and that is fair enough. Short answer, No. Although we are a small family run company, the nature of our online business model allows us to operate with minimum overheads, allowing us to continue operation as normal in this difficult situation. Our foundations are extremely strong and with additional Government support we are at no risk of having to close our (virtual) doors. We are an ATAS accredited member (license number 14435) which is a national accreditation scheme, endorsing travel agents who have met strict financial criteria with quarterly financial assessments.

We understand you may need cash right now but before you cancel, think of our local operators and the tourism they relay on. We would all prefer our lovely customers to postpone their tour instead of cancel and we have plenty of travel dates to choose from over the next 12 months.