Facts About Refunds ~ By AFTA

This recent press release from AFTA outlines the facts about travel agents, their refund policies and associated fees and what is considered as fair for consumers during this time.

AFTA state that Travel Agents are being unfairly blamed in the current landscape of an unprecedented volume of cancellations, changes and enquiries to change travel plans due to the corona virus (COVID19) and restrictions government has imposed on the population and travel.

This document sets out many facts for the benefit of consumers and journalists to assist with accurate

reporting. Read it here.

I am so proud of our staff working hard to amend all our travel bookings and negotiating with our many suppliers all over the world to come up with the most flexible solutions for our customers. We hope the majority of our customers are happy with the outcome and our service and will look at booking with MyHoliday2 again for their next holiday.

Our product team have also been working hard preparing new departure dates for all our tours throughout 2021 as well as exciting new destinations and deals! We now offer a $200 deposit option for new bookings ~ "Buy Now and Pay in 2021" and we are also working on a brand new website launch in the coming months.

The travel world may be on hold but we have big things happening.... So watch this space!

Gemma Giandomenico