Thanks for the Feedback

It's been a tricky couple of months trying to navigate our way through this crazy pandemic. We've had hundreds of bookings to reschedule/cancel/refund and have been trying to keep up with our operators and airlines ever-changing policies as well as being flexible with our own procedures and policies in order to give our customers the best possible outcome for their trip.

Our staff have been a bit all over the place and working many long hours, so we asked you what you thought about how we handled the situation. It is always good to get customers perspective so we can learn where we are going wrong and where we can improve our services.

We got a great response from our survey and thank you to everyone that took the time to answer our questionnaire, we really appreciate it. The results were very encouraging as well.

We asked:

Your MyHoliday2 tour was recently rescheduled or cancelled due to Covid-19 - were you satisfied with the outcome you received?

YES - 79%

NO - 21%

How do you rate our customer service throughout this pandemic?

GREAT - 60%

GOOD - 28%



Would you recommend MyHoliday2 to your family and friends for future travel?

YES - 96%

NO - 4%

These positive results are very encouraging and we are now looking to the future of travel and having a more flexible approach with our terms as you never know what is around the corner! We are sorry that not everyone was happy with their outcome, but we are, unfortunately bound by airlines and operators policies and if they refuse to offer refunds we have to pass this on to you. We are regularly informed from AFTA about how to best handle situations to ensure we are doing the best we can, and your feedback shows our hard work has paid off!

If you were not sent a survey and you have some feedback for us, please get in touch as we will send it through to your email address :)

Thanks again everyone for your time and effort!! Here's to packing our travel bags again soon 🤞