Top Travel Tips: Flight Survival Kit

We all love travelling but the actual 'travelling' to the destination can suck. I'm talking about airport queues, long stopovers, squashed economy seats, cardboard food, jet-lag... etc.

Having visited 35 countries in as many years on this planet, I have been able to come up with some tips on how to make the experience of 'travelling' that bit more comfortable. Especially when taking a long-haul flight.

Here are my top 10 tips and must-have's on any flight a.k.a my Flight Survival Kit...

1. Comfortable Clothing - It ain't a fashion show so embrace the joggers. Comfort is key when you're crammed in economy.

2. Pair of Socks - Planes can get pretty chilly, especially on a night flight so a nice wooly pair of socks are a life saver. Some airlines provide them in their 'comfort packs' but i've noticed them cutting corners of late! Bring a jumper too as airline blankets can be a bit thin and they just don't cut it.

3. Eye Mask & Ear Plugs - Bright lights and crying babies...need I say more?

4. Neck pillow - Ideally a memory-foam one. Makes all the difference when your trying to get some shut eye. Don't underestimate a good neck pillow!

5. Wet Wipes/Face Wipes - After a long flight its good to freshen up before you land with a moist face wipe (and underarms if you're a bit stinky)

6. Face Moisturiser - Skin can dry out quite bad with the recycled air so a good moisturiser helps rehydrate your skin.

7. Eye Drops - Again, from the recycled air (and lack of sleep), eye-drops prevent red, dry, sore eyes so you look and feel fresh when you land.

8. Throat Lollies - Along with your skin and eyes, your throat can also dry and out become quite sore. With some nice soothers you can avoid this irritation.

9. Herbal Sleeping Pills - If you're no good at sleeping on planes (like me) have a glass of wine and pop a sleeping pill to help you relax and drift off. These also help to relax nervous flyers.

10. Toothbrush / Toothpaste - The ones they give you are a bit rubbish. Sorry airlines!

11. Apple - This one may seen strange but in my opinion there is nothing like a fresh apple (Granny Smith) to crunch on during a long flight/stopover. It cleans your teeth, freshens your breath and gives you a nutritional boost lacking from airline food.

12. Old Hand Towel/Tea Towel - If you have a couple of hours in transit, do yourself a favour and get a shower in the shower room. You'll embark on your next flight feeling a million dollars! Take an old tea towel / hand towel with you so you can throw it away after use, a mini hotel soap and clean pair of pants. So fresh and so clean!

Oops, that was 12 tips, not 10, but if you stick to this flight survival kit list I guarantee you will have a more comfortable journey and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy your holiday.

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