Meet The Guide: John

Meet John.

He is one of our trusted guides in Sri Lanka who many of you will hopefully have the pleasure of meeting. He is super friendly, enjoys a laugh, speaks fantastic English and is very passionate and knowledgable about his home country. We asked John a couple of questions for our "Meet The Tour Guide" blog post...

Name: John

Age: 49

Where are you from?

Negombo, near Colombo

What is your official job title?

National Guide and Chauffeur Guide. Being a National Guide means I can take very large groups up to 50pax and is the highest level of guide in Sri Lanka. I am also qualified to take smaller groups up to 8 as a Chauffeur Guide, which is driving and guiding at the same time.

How long have you been in your job?

Over 20 years and I love it.

What is your favourite place in Sri Lanka and why?

My favourite place in Sri Lanka is Kandy because of the kind hearted and honest people who like a laugh. It also has a very nice cool climate.

Thanks John! He can't wait to meet you in Sri Lanka soon.

P.S. We recommend tipping your guide 2,000 - 2,500 rupees per day (not per person) for the fantastic job they do. Payable in local currency or Aussie dollars.

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