Refund Policy

This policy sets out the circumstances in which may provide refunds to our members ("member" or "you") in respect of a specific Travel Offer.

**Refund Policy During Covid-19 as of 1 May 2020 - Please contact us for our latest refund & re-booking policies**


<42 days to departure = 0% refund

43-89 days to departure = 30% refund [land portion only]

>90 days to departure = 40% refund [land portion only]

Within 21 Days of purchase our "21 Day Money Back Guarantee" policy applies. See below for details. 

For any packages that include flights; the flight portion is completely non-refundable and non-changeable. The refund percentage will apply to the land portion of the package only. 


<30 days to departure = Package is not eligible for rescheduling [Note: For all Vietnam tours this deadline is <45 days to departure]

>31 days to departure = Package [land portion only] is eligible for rescheduling for another available departure date as listed on your current voucher.  You are unable to reschedule your tour to a date beyond the validity of your voucher. 

$100 per person admin fee applies for rescheduling. 

Additional fees/surcharges for rebooking of services may occur dependent on tour, departure date and package type.

Flight portion of the package cannot be rescheduled and must be re-ticketed at current market rate. 


Some local operators we work with may have their own refund/reschedule policies that differ from the above. In such cases we are obliged to honour their policy. We will advise you of these policies should they affect your requested changes. 



  1. You may request a full cash refund from MyHoliday2 on a purchased travel package, provided that your request is made within 21 days after the purchase date and you have not made a booking for the travel package at the time of making the request. (Note: A booking is considered complete once travel dates are confirmed with the operator);

  2. On packages where flights are included the 21 Day Money Back Guarantee does not apply to the flight portion. This portion of any flight package is completely non-refundable.

  3. The refunded amount will be the full amount paid for the tour package, minus the 3% credit card surcharge & $50 admin fee per person.

  4. If the refund request has gone over the 21 day cooling off period, the refund will be denied; 

  5. If a refund was requested due to the tour operators availability, yet they took longer than 21 days to respond, proof of communication will be required or the refund will be denied.


After this period the conditions are are follows:

AUTOMATIC REFUNDS will provide an automatic refund where:


we are required by law to do so;

we have made a mistake in advertising a Travel Offer that fundamentally misstates the product or service that is the subject of the Travel Offer;

prior to the redemption of the voucher during the Travel Voucher Redemption Period, the provider of the Travel Offer ceases trading or ceases to provide the goods or services that are the subject of the Travel Offer.





The following circumstances DO NOT qualify for refunds:


where you have contacted us after the conclusion of the Travel Voucher validity period (all refund requests must be submitted in writing while the Travel Voucher is still valid)

where you have failed to read our Terms and Conditions, Website General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or the specific Fine Print for your Travel Offer (located under “The Fine Print” tab on each individual Travel Offer on

if you change your mind after you have purchased a Travel Offer (for whatever reason)

if the Travel Offer experience did not meet your general expectations (for whatever reason)

if you are unable to travel due to a medical condition (without a valid Doctors certificate) or any other personal reason

if you cannot redeem the Travel Offer prior to the end of the Travel Voucher Redemption Period due to travel or other personal commitments

if the business on behalf of whom we are advertising a Travel Offer does not honour the terms of the Travel Offer because you have failed to present the voucher on redemption

If the business does not have availability to redeem your voucher because you have not attempted to make a booking within a reasonable period of time (as determined by from the Travel Voucher Expiry Date

if you cancel a scheduled booking such that the cancellation voids the voucher in accordance with the business' cancellation policy (for example, if you don't 'show up' for a scheduled booking, or cancel a booking without providing the notice period as provided by the relevant cancellation policy)

if you have had a dispute with the business on behalf of whom we are advertising the Travel Offer

if you are a 'no show', and the business decides to cancel your voucher





A request for a refund must be submitted via All members requesting a refund will be required to provide full particulars as to why they are not satisfied with the quality of the goods and services that are the subject of a Travel Offer.




VERIFICATION will verify the validity and veracity of some or all of the particulars of a request for refund by consulting with the relevant merchant responsible for fulfilling the offer. may also ask you (by phone or email) to provide additional information in relation to the refund request.






In circumstances where we believe that a request for a refund does not fall within the scope of this policy, is misleading, incorrect and/or deceptive or is otherwise invalid, may, in its absolute discretion, refuse a refund request. is under no obligation to provide you with reasons as to why your request has been refused. Please note: any fraudulent refund requests will be immediately referred to the relevant authorities.






The refund will be credited to your preferred bank account for the amount paid minus credit card fee, according to the details provided by you during the refund request process. Any refund provided by is in no way an admission of liability by or on behalf of or the admission of any other fact in connection with any act or omission which led to the request for a refund being submitted by the member.




CHANGE TO POLICY may change this policy at any time at our absolute discretion by posting the revised policy on this website. It is your responsibility to review the terms of this policy regularly. By visiting and using the MyHoliday2 website you agree to abide by the terms of this policy.






Any feedback or questions regarding this policy should be emailed to